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John Denis is a contemporary artist who has over the last decade developed his own signature medium using glass and acrylic.

John’s art opens the boundaries of glass as sculpture. He introduces an esthetic that bridges abstract, architectural and natural form.  The work presents a modern sensibility to texture, light and composition. References to the universal character of the sea are found throughout Denis’ work.

“Much of my work is expressing the many faces of the essential element: water. It plays a major roll in global commerce and of course the eco-system, connecting us all in many ways.  I’m venturing to highlight and interpret the underlying significance of the ocean and the patterns imbedded within the natural world”.

For over ten years Denis has exhibited at various prominent Art Fairs including New York Art Expo,  Art Market BridgeHampton and SOFA Chicago.  John has been commissioned for large scale private and commercial projects.

John's showroom is located at The Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago, IL

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